New horror game!

What would you do if you experienced a vivid nightmare and woke up feeling uneasy that it would turn to reality? This new horror game was inspired by the unnerving feeling of premonition and the chance to try to change sequences of events. 

This game tests your awareness and attentive to sound cues. There's also a few Easter eggs if you're interested in searching for them! (Hint: the names at the top of the paper have some significance)

Based on some feedback from our play testers, we're also going to adjust the difficulty so that players can enjoy the story. 

We hope you enjoy the game and please leave a comment to let us know what you thought!

Files 167 MB
Version 3 Feb 11, 2021 168 MB
Version 3 Feb 11, 2021 174 MB
Version 3 Feb 11, 2021

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