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Do you know who you are? Would justice be served to a cold-blooded murderer? There is some paperwork to fill out and you alone have the power to make the final decision: guilty or not guilty?

Problem is, he is out there and he will stop you if you get caught. Will you be able to change your fate?

Action Key
Walk W, A, S, D
Exit Interaction ESC
Flashlight F
Zoom Z

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If you enjoyed playing Cheating Fate, we would greatly appreciate your feedback. Feel free to leave a comment and/or rating! Also, if you haven't already, check out Cheating Death, the prequel to this game!

Install Instructions:

1.) Extract the files (most likely located in Downloads folder) anywhere.

2.) Run the Cheating Fate.exe file.

3.) Don't die!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorJang Games
GenreSurvival, Action, Adventure, Puzzle
Tags3D, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Spooky, Survival Horror
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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cheating-fate-win64.zip 129 MB
Version 5
cheating-fate-mac.zip 129 MB
Version 5
cheating-fate-linux.zip 134 MB
Version 5

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omg I feel really dumb for not expecting that twist ending. There were so many extremely obvious signs. Great game!

A great sequel to Cheating Death! I love the twist. At first I was going, what? The detective is actually named Kyl. T Knight? Why are there bell peppers in the trash? And hm, the killer that keeps getting me has spiky blond hair... Oh well, I have this thing to fill out. But I can only select Guilty... and then the ending made me shout. The hiding elements were again well done. I was a bit confused with the tutorial at first which didn't explain anything but dying a few times cleared up my confusion. Overall really fun game. Would love to see what comes next!

Got me a few times.  Well done

This game is very cool. I loved games that are like this! Reminds me of Scrutinized... Anyway, keep up the good work! 

Jang Games, thank you so much for reaching out to me to play this game! I loved the first game and I loved this one even more! The ending was insane! It was an honor to play this.

at least as good as the first part ... I love it! to better understand the story, I would recommend playing part one first (Cheating Death) ! thank you, keep it up 

Good game, great sequel!!!! 

It was fun to play.

Hi there! Thanks for playing. Something weird happened towards the end with the door and we're not sure why. We'll definitely look into it. 

Hey will there be more to this series? I'd love to play more! :D


Very Sick Game MY Boy Keep It Up

Hi! Thanks for playing. Unfortunately, I can't exactly deduce how you died the last time since the sound was cut off. I suspect that when you were in the locker and the initial footstep cues played, he left shortly after a few seconds of scanning the room and not finding you. Then, after a while he came back to scan the room, to which you pressed Escape and he was still there. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed! Maybe someday you can try it again and see if you can survive! I can tell you that you do have the mechanics down; after that the game isn't too bad!


i play a little bit more of the game and beat it awesome game dude. keep up the good work


Wow the ending caught me off guard

Hope you enjoyed playing! ^^


finally got around to playing the sequel and i loved it!! it took the formula of the first game and amplified it. and i didn't even realize the twist at first but now that i know, it makes the game even cooler!


Thank you for playing! We definitely appreciate your feedback and commentary. We hope to see you again :)


This was pretty cool. I was pretty dumb at first and didn't understand the ending. I had to go back and edit in a new ending for my video :)


Thank you so much for playing! I enjoyed watching your reactions and gameplay. We didn't want to provide too many clues; wanted to keep the twist as crisp as possible :)

No worries. Pretty good twist once I stopped being dumb :)


That Game Was Awesome...

Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed :) 

Your Welcome :)


This reminds me of "Welcome to the Game," but I found this far more enjoyable to play. You did a great job creating a tense atmosphere - I was afraid to take my eyes off of my surroundings and every sound had me running for the locker. The twist at the end was a nice touch to the story as well. Really well done Jang Games!


Great gameplay! I'm glad you enjoyed the game and atmosphere. Thank you for the feedback and thank you for playing :) 


Game gave me some creeps, good job man!

Thank you so much for playing! I enjoyed watching your video and listening to the commentary :) 


Hi! I really enjoyed playing your game, well done! I look forward to hopefully playing more of your games in the future should you make them.

Heres a video of me playing your game: 


Thanks so much for the video and gameplay! I enjoyed watching. You should take another closer look at the end scene. It should answer your question of why you couldn't choose what you wanted to choose! 

I will check it out! feel free to get in touch if you release any new games that need testing :D


Checked the game out after Jang reached out on Instagram. Very solid game!


That was a wonderful gameplay! I enjoyed watching! Thanks so much for playing :) 


Thanks for making 'Cheating Fate.' I really enjoyed it. Great job!

Flawless gameplay! Thanks for playing. 


@ Jang Games,

Admire your clever game play [developers' ] angle. I'm not easily surprised, but you [or your team] did get me.

Congratulations on that one!



Gameplay 10/10

Video 10/10

Commentary 10/10

Reaction 10/10 

RAP 10馃敟/10馃敟

Thanks for playing!! 


Awesome game! I loved the twist at the end. Even just watching the TV was giving me the horror vibes. 

I think there was a bug though for one of the passwords, whenever I'd start up the game and I get the password containing "knight" in it, I'd be sure I entered it exactly, but it never worked. The other passwords did work though :)

Hi there! That password has caused a little bit of problem for a few other people as well. In their youtube videos however, I can see that they mistake the letter 'l' for lion as a number one. So they type something like knightky and then the numbers 154. The password is actually the last name then first name of the detective and then the numbers 54. So it's knightkyl54. Totally understand if this is the case though. Thanks for bringing it up to our attention though! We appreciate you for playing :) 




Thanks so much for playing! :) 


Certain games aren't for everyone and this game definitely isn't for me. I don't like the tediousness of having to check information and hurriedly type it in before someone is about to kill me. I didn't understand how to hide. And I didn't like that when the door opened no one was there. After a while of dying over and over again I gave up. Plus the tutorial doesn't seem like a tutorial at all. No hate. just giving my honest opinion. Do with it as you wish. Hoping the best for you and your games. 

That's okay! I very much appreciate you for trying it out! I'll address your points here:

- the tediousness of having to check information and type quickly can be helped by setting the difficulty on the title screen. There is a story mode that allows for slower and less threatening gameplay. 

- A killer is trying to invade the room that you are in. If you leave things on, he will know that you are there. If the killer leaves and you survive despite things that have clearly been tinkered with, that is, the TV or lamp, then is he really that intimidating? Additionally, each death in the locker where you can hide tells you what went wrong. In fact, you even survived an attack towards the end. After that there's nothing to worry about! You know how to hide ;) 

- To avoid repeatedly dying, again, there is a difficulty level you can set to accommodate for your own type of gameplay! 

- The tutorial serves as a grace period of time where you actually cannot die. You should be using this time to explore the room and see what you can interact with. Listening to the man on the phone also gives you an idea of what your goal is: to grab clues and type them into the document. Again, if it's too tedious, there is a story difficulty mode. 

Again, thank you so much for playing our game! We consider all feedback so we can continue to improve :) 


What an amazing experience. Consistently tense, well designed gameplay with a super interesting story. The twist was so good I didn't even figure it out until hours after I played, as I was editing this video. I can't recommend this game enough, truly fantastic work!

How long I've been waiting for you to play! Another amazing video and gameplay! I'm glad you got the ending in the end :) Thanks so much for playing, I wish you the best of luck! 


This was really well made! It gave me "Welcome to the Game" vibes. That locker jumpscare also got me REALLY good. I had some funny moments, so check out my playthrough here!

Amazing video! I thoroughly enjoyed watching :) 

I'm glad you liked the game and the ending. Very much appreciated! 


Interesting game my friend! I hope you continue making them. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the delicious twist at the end!

Thank you good sir for playing! I enjoyed watching your video and commentary and seeing your reaction to the ending! 


i did not expect that ending brooo, beautiful work.

really enjoyed 

That was an amazing video and gameplay! I enjoyed watching. Thank you so much for playing :) 


Awesome experience! I don't want to spoil too much in this comment, but my absolute FAVORITE part of this game was how much sense everything made. In so many horror games (and movies for that matter), the common trope is choices and premises that make little to no sense. Sure it makes us laugh and provides us with the good jumpscares, but when we sit around with our friends at dinner afterward we laugh at how stupid this character was or that group was for splitting up to search the house. This game arose those questions for me and then tied the knot PERFECTLY at the end. For a dope like me who didn't put 2 and 2 together to make 4 until the absolute last minute, I was profoundly overjoyed and applaud your ability to tell a great story using only a single room, audio clips, and two characters. Bravo!

I absolutely appreciate your feedback, commentary, and gameplay! Thank you so much for your video. You found the clues and understood the story flawlessly. Again, thank you for your kind words. They fuel our motivation to do better :) 


This game DEFINETLY served it's purpose as a sequel to Cheating Death! The ending was extremely unexpected! This had one of the most interesting stories I've played for an indie horror game. I could see this story being in a even bigger game! With game development and storytelling like this, it can go really far! The game itself was a decent challenge, mainly being because of the constant fear of being watched and having to be on your toes 24/7. I also really liked the element of having to explore ever inch of the room to get the vital information needed for the story! This game was great! Keep up the great work my man!

   - CrazyCheesePuf

One of the most hype gameplay ever! I love your energy and I love your reactions. Thank you so much for playing the sequel. It's so great seeing familiar faces from the previous game :) 


This game was incredible. Thanks for letting me know about this game Jang Games can't wait for more !!!

Amazing gameplay! Thank you so much for playing! I enjoyed watching your reactions to the game :) 


Really fun game! very stressful atmosphere LOL

Keep up the good work Jang Games

Again thank you for playing! Hopefully we can find a resolution to the problems. 


Boy did I enjoy this game. Jang Games did a great job of creating a claustrophobic environment to traverse while evading a sadistic killer. Scared me right out of my pants! THE TWIST BLEW MY MIND! Can't wait to see what they come up with next. <3

Great video and gameplay! I thoroughly enjoyed watching and am very glad you liked the ending! 


Thanks for hitting me up to play this game, I love the idea and I would and will play more, great game and I cant wait to see what you do next

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed :) I loved the video 

thanks bro, have a good time with the game making


Thanks for inviting me to play your game. It was really cool and very well done. I really enjoyed it even though I was kind of bad at it. Loved the twist; wasn't expecting that! Game starts at (15:52).

Wonderful gameplay! Just for the record, I'm so glad you finally found at the end what you could've used to survive his attacks! Story mode is just fine, no worries! Thanks for playing :) 


Thanks, it was definitely a cool experience.


This game is really fun just saying

Thanks for playing! 

no problem 


I Look Like Him Just A Little Older!!!

Hope You Enjoy The Video!

I enjoyed watching your video! I left a more detailed comment on it. Thanks for playing :) 


Hey! This was an awesome sequel! I really liked the fact you improved and expanded on the first game. I had an absolute blast playing this game. I'm not spoiling anything, but wow nice ending. I am super happy that it has subtitles as well which really shows that you guys went for the extra mile for this game. My only critique for this game is I want more haha. On a serious note, I would upscale the graphics for the safe. It looks a bit fuzzy since you zoom in pretty close. Also for the tutorial maybe force the player to interact with the locker to show that they can hide in there. Maybe you can grab a flashlight from the locker? I'm looking forward to the next game! (Your game in the video is the third one)

Wonderful video and wonderful suggestions! You make great points and you played amazingly. Great to see you again Berry :) thank you again so much for playing 


Hey man, it's me, George! Thank you for commenting on me on Instagram asking me to play this game for you yesterday, so I did you a favour and upload it on Youtube! 

P.S. You commented on my Micheal P. video on Instagram.


Thank you so much for playing! 


for some reason youtube wont allow me to comment on your reply but at 8:47 I was trying to open the file to fill in the information but it wouldn't open so i killed myself then it worked.

That's interesting... I'm not immediately sure why that happened. Unfortunately I can't see how it  escalated to that point but hopefully it's not a problem for other people 


Hol' up..... this is a sequel!? 


Yes! This is a sequel haha. The prequel is Cheating Death; you can also find that on my page! Story-wise, we wanted to provide enough information/runback in Cheating Fate to prevent forcing people to play the other game in order to understand Cheating Fate.

Thanks so much for playing! We genuinely appreciate you for checking it out and providing feedback on the game :) 


i loved the squel. You gonna make anymore games?


Thank you for playing! I enjoyed watching your reactions and learning how to escape death! We will certainly make more games. Seeing the positive feedback from everyone is definitely the biggest motive :)

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