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this is my revisit to this game I played it once before but this time i beat it with both endings and if you want to check that out here is the link

if you checked it out I appreciate that and consider liking and subscribing it really helps my channel grow 

Thanks for playing again and beating it! Glad you enjoyed 👍 from me


This game really took me by surprise. I wasn't expecting to feel as paranoid as I did, and the gameplay is genuinely fun. The ending is a perfect fit. Overall this is just a great experience! 


Thanks so much for playing and commentating! We're really glad you were able to get both endings and that your strategic playstyle was near flawless!


This is a intense & scary game!, Well done, Mac M1 Gameplay!


Thanks for playing and showing your gameplay! 


Hey there! We just recently released the sequel to this game! We would greatly appreciate it if you give it a chance and try it out! The link to the page is here: Cheating Fate

This was an amazing game. This is the best horror game i've played. 10/10. It got my heart pumping which normally doesnt happen with games. 

Thank you so much for playing. I really appreciate that


this game is a pretty good concept for a game very similar to welcome to the game it has sound mechanics and I like the mechanic of filling out the police reports and the killer got me a couple time (scare wise) and the recorder is a really good mechanic as well it makes it harder to hear the killer sneaking up to you, over all pretty epic game if you want to see my playthrough of this (not the full game sadly I couldn't beat it) here is a link to it

if you watched I appreciate you and consider subscribing it really helps my channel grow and even if you just checked it out I still appreciate that

Thanks for the awesome video and commentary. I learn a lot about how others play and what things I can fix/balance to make the player experience more satisfactory. I appreciate your feedback a lot. We hope you try out the game sometime in the future again till the end as we just updated the game to be slightly easier in regards to getting particular answers wrong. Thanks for playing!

Hi BlizzardSunny! We just wanted to reach out again and mention that we've just recently released the sequel to this game, Cheating Fate! We would absolutely love for you to check it out.

Cheating Fate


I loved the simplicity of this, almost seeming like Welcome To The Game Jr in a very good way. The reveal of the last document was very creepy, and I'd totally get murdered again.

* Spoilers ahead *


Thanks so much for the gameplay as well as the video! The reason why you kept dying was because you didn't utilize the 'Hiding under the Desk' mechanic.  There is also a good ending and bad ending! Unfortunately, you only experienced the bad ending 

*spoilers ahead* A pretty good game actually. The concept is nice, but the mechanics are fairly simple. There isn't a lot to manage. I liked the jump scare. I love the concept that the last document was actually about yourself.

Glad you enjoyed!

Yo, not gonna lie this game was really good. It took me a sec to get the entire concept, but it was very entertaining. You really gotta pay attention to what your doing so you don't die, plus its hella scary and makes you anxious. I don't wanna say too much to spoil the game, but I promise you will enjoy it.

Thanks for playing my man

Honestly really enjoyed playing this. the difficulty level of normal seemed impossible at first and I had to lower it to easy but once you get a feel for the game it comes natural. I Especially enjoyed how the game kept my attention the entire time by making me constantly paranoid of the audio cues. good game. 

I lowered the difficulty of normal :) Thanks for playing

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